Association des Modélistes Ferroviaires de Nice

Welcome on the club's WEB pages.

Founded in January 1959, the "Association des Modélistes Ferroviaires de Nice (AMFN)" (Nice Model Railway Club)  is more than forty years old. It aims at gathering the model railway amateurs of the area. (There are also two other clubs on the French Riviera: one in Cannes, and one in Beausoleil, the French suburb of Monaco).

Our members come from very different  social and professional areas. The ages range from less than 2 (!) to more than 80.

We meet twice a week to exchange ideas and discuss problems relative to both real Railways and Model Railways. We try practicing Model Railroading as a technical, artistical and cultural activity as well.

In the premises we have been occupying for more than 25 years (3500 sq. feet!), we have built several layouts where we can practice all the aspects of the hobby. The Club has some rolling stock, but members and visitors are welcome to bring and run their own one.

We sometimes organize meetings with movies or lectures. We try to participate in exhibitions in our area, as far as our budget allows it, and also in trips on French and European railways.

These Web pages have two goals:

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